[rt-users] RT380: Adding custom Status

O'Leary, Paul Paul_OLeary at breconridge.com
Thu Dec 18 11:05:09 EST 2008

Thanks, I had seen this before and used to initially to test my status.
I am adding a "Complete" status to my tickets in addition to resolved.
It does indeed add the status to the list of statuses in the drop down
menu, but it does not show the "Complete" link in pages that show Open,
Resolve, etc. For example the RT at a Glance Quick Search shows only New
Open and Stalled, it does not have my Complete column. Also the main
ticket display page show Open, Comment, Reply and Resolve as links at
the top of the ticket. I would like to have my Complete show there as
well. I assume this is where all the local html files come into play to
override the defaults. I am looking for a list of files I guess that
need to be editing to add the functionality I describe. Sorry if I
wasn't clear on what I was looking for.


In 363, I have an RTHOME/local/html/Callbacks subdir that has a lot of
stuff in it, but that doesn't exist on 380 under RTHOME/share/html as it
does in 363. There also appears to be several pages under the Elements
directory that have changed.


Is there a list that shows which files would need to be edited? Or a
procedure to follow to add this functionality?


Again, many thanks.



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This will help you :-)









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"This email is confidential. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is 
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