[rt-users] CF "applies to" not doing what i think it means?

Rob Munsch rob.munsch at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 15:48:04 EST 2008


I've created a "tickets" CF for a value, and under Applies To have checked
the queue i want it to be in.  The other queues i do not want it to appear
in are unchecked.  However, the CF still appears on every ticket in every

Custom fields for Queues, not Tickets, doesn't seem to be what i'm looking
for either.  Also,
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/ManualAdministrationseems to have
some unnecessary steps or perhaps it's just outdated:  it
talks about going to Queues and selecting the one you want, then going to
"Custom Fields in the left-hand navigation bar."  However, in 3.8.1 at
least, there is no subheading of CFs in Queues, just the top-level CF
option: and results are the same whether i am looking at a queue's config
first or not.

Most importantly, assuming i get this straightned out and the CFs are in the
tickets in queues where i want them and nowhere else: i'm going to want to
parse email subjects and bodies for text to grab and stuff into the CFs.
I'm having trouble finding a good starting place for this, however.  I see
some perl examples for searching for strings i want, but not the "and now
take what you found and put it in Custom Field Blah."  If all the CFs have
to be filled in manually, this won't work for us - there's rather a lot of
automated info coming in, and i need to scarf it down as the ticket is

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