[rt-users] Scrip which retrieves all the users with TakeTicket permission for a ticket or its queue

Tom H tom at limepepper.co.uk
Fri Jan 11 17:32:28 EST 2008

Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Tom,
>     If you can put them all in one group, or if they are already in
> groups that only have "takers" as members, then list the group(s) in the
> Watchers: "CC" of the appropriate queues. Then all you need do is create
> a notification scrip for "OnCreate" to "Notify CC's". That would work.
> How do you plan to maintain the membership of this "Takers" group?

Surely, if the "project A group" was in the watchers CC list for the
"project A queue", then that "project A group" would get copies of all
the replies to all the tickets to that queue, regardless of whether they
owned it or not? (I thought that was the point of the watchers CC list)

Basically, I want all the users in the group to get notified that there
is a new ticket, but not for that group to get all the replies.

realistically, anyone who has seeQueue and takeTicket for a queue, is
going to be able to see and take the ticket using the web interface. So
all I am suggesting is something to notify those users of that fact.

I'm thinking something along the lines of

foreach($user = $this->userList){
if($this->queue->hasRight('TakeTicket', $user)){
	print "CC: $user->emailAddress \n";

But I don't know perl that well, so I am going to have to look into this


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