[rt-users] Scrip which retrieves all the users with TakeTicket permission for a ticket or its queue

Tom H tom at limepepper.co.uk
Sat Jan 12 01:41:22 EST 2008

Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Tom,
>     If you can put them all in one group, or if they are already in
> groups that only have "takers" as members, then list the group(s) in the
> Watchers: "CC" of the appropriate queues. Then all you need do is create
> a notification scrip for "OnCreate" to "Notify CC's". That would work.
> How do you plan to maintain the membership of this "Takers" group?


I see what you mean now, If I removed the following global script;
"	(no value)
On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence"

And replaced it with the following;
"	(no value)
On Correspond Notify Requestors with template Correspondence"
"	(no value)
On Create Notify cs with template Correspondence"

And added my "project A group" to the watchers list for "project A
queue", then the CC list would only be notified of new tickets, and not
get all the correspondence!!!

I guess I was hoping not to mess with the default watchers CC list - but
 as I have not plans to use it currently, that makes for a neat solution.

(I think I have got that correctly?)


Tom Hodder

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