[rt-users] Mysqldump 3.6.3 -> 3.6.5 ( attachments ) Resolved

Roy Sowa Roy.Sowa at rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Tue Jan 15 21:39:36 EST 2008

Sorry for the confusing post, ( stumbling as I learn )
  To fix my issue I have added a url rewrite to my lighttpd.conf to ensure that a trailing slash is added when an 
attachment link is followed;
    url.rewrite = (
          "^(.*)/Ticket/Attachment/(.*)" => "/$1/Ticket/Attachment/$2/"
Now things seem to be back on track.
Thanks for your patience
The Issue does  not seem to be a result of the dumping/moving of the data, but instead now seems to be due to a missing trailing slash when I click on the attachment link on a ticket.
  If I manually add that trailing slash the attachment is indeed there.
  I am using lighttpd, my lighttpd.conf does have this ...

server.document-root        = "/"
  url.redirect = (
     "^/(.*)" => "https://MySERVERNAMEHERE/$1" ( 'https://myservernamehere/$1"' )

and my RT_SiteConfig has this;

    Set($WebPort , 443); 
Set($WebBaseURL , "https://MyServerName:$WebPort" ( 'https://myservername:$WebPort"/' ));
Set($WebPath , "");
Set($WebURL , $WebBaseURL . $WebPath . "/"); 

I have tried adding a trailing slash to the lighttpd.conf, cleared Mason and restarted....
Still scratching my head though...
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