[rt-users] Set Requestor using current users

Keith pdragon at pdragon.net
Wed Jan 23 15:58:32 EST 2008

Still evaluating RT for use in my office and trying to figure out if it can
do something our current Ticket software does. Our users aren't going to be
using RT to log tickets themselves. They'll either send tickets in by email
or call into our phone support and we'll take care of getting the tickets
into RT. In the "New Ticket" form, the Requestor field is just a text field
that auto-fills in with the currently logged in user. That won't work for us
since the Requestors will all be external users. Our current ticket software
has a text/dropdown that lets you either choose from the dropdown or enter a
new user. Is there any way to make RT do something similar?
I was thinking a separate custom field that is a dropdown of existing users,
but I don't see how to have that value assigned back as the Requestor.

Has anyone else needed this kind of feature and figured something out?


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