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j0ey j0ey at j0ey.de
Thu Jan 31 02:52:04 EST 2008


Stephen Turner wrote:
>> i'm searching for a possibility to show the Queue-CCs while creating
>> (create + correspondend) a ticket without letting the users modify it -
>> in other words: i know the "ShowOutgoingEMail"-Right ;)
> To get the queue ccs (and adminccs), you can simply do:
> $QueueObj->CcAddresses and $QueueObj->AdminCcAddresses
> But I'm guessing you really want to get an accurate list of email 
> recipients for the ticket creation? That's quite a bit more tricky - you 
> might have to create a fake 'create' transaction, examine its scrips and 
> then roll it back.

that's exactly what i need. Anyone done this before?


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