[rt-users] Order of file attachments in Ticket Transaction

Pooka pooka at t-online.de
Wed Jul 2 04:22:09 EDT 2008

Hello list,
I searched for this topic but didn't find anything, so I post this 
question again:

Is there predictable order of file(name)s  when I add more than one file
as an attachment to a ticket correspondance?

It looks like that neither order of uploading  nor renaming the files
(01...02...03... 04...) will result in a desired order of appearance in
ticket transaction.

I would like to reply to a ticket
"Dear User, please follow the steps 1....4 as shown in the screenshots"
and have the screenshots shown in Ticket History in desired order.
Creating a reply for each of the screenshots is possible but painful.

Any suggestions for a workaround or where to look for that problem?

Olaf Hamann

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