[rt-users] Delegation of Admin privilege

Damon Miller damon at thinkingphones.com
Mon Jul 14 16:06:46 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've got a quick question around privilege use in RT.  My goal is to
allow designated end users to manage their own RT instances but NOT have
the ability to create new users.  I tried creating an admin user and
giving it everything except "SuperUser" in Global -> User Rights, but
that didn't work; the user could not only create users but he could also
grant himself the "SuperUser" privilege.  I had hoped that only
"SuperUser" could actually create users, but I think that was misguided.

So the question becomes is there a way to control user administration at
a level more granular than "AdminUsers" (which seems to include both
user creation and the ability to grant "SuperUser" privilege)?

Thanks in advance!



Damon T. Miller
Director of Application Services
Thinking Phone Networks
damon at thinkingphones.com 
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