[rt-users] Simple Search function

Jake Zack jake.zack at cira.ca
Wed Jul 16 15:31:49 EDT 2008

In fact, this function I describe below *IS* built into the new RT  
somewhere...or Best Practical developed it for themselves..

Their website at rt3.fsck.com DOES handle searches the way I'd like  
them to be handled.

A search for:

anti anxiety


10208 	antisocial-personality-disorder-anxiety 	new 	Pushmi 	Nobody 	0
		20 hours ago 		20 hours ago 	0
10211 	anti-depressents-for-anxiety 	new 	Pushmi 	Nobody 	0
		15 hours ago 		15 hours ago 	0

So there is some method to have it handle searches in a better way.


On 16-Jul-08, at 2:14 PM, Jake Zack wrote:

> What modifications would need to be made to make the Simple Search  
> function accept more than one word?
> It can do two words when the search terms are put in single  
> quotes...but the string has to match exactly a string in the Subject.
> If the ticket subject is "barack obama beat hillary clinton"...a  
> search for:
> barack obama
> ...yields no results...but...
> 'barack obama'
> ...does yield results.
> I can't seem to find a way to make it accept a search phrase such as:
> barack hillary
> and yield a result.
> And yes, I know the advanced search feature can be used...but I'm  
> told that that is too cumbersome for the average user.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks.

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