[rt-users] Username at RT login not matching Ticket sent via e-mail

John Arends jarends at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 28 09:47:42 EDT 2008

Do their usernames have the proper email address? Or do you end up with 
2 accounts per person? If the account a user logs in with is not the 
same as the account created when the email is sent in, then the user 
won't be able to see the tickets from the other account because you will 
have essentially two accounts.

Jorge Aldana wrote:
> Hello All,
> As users send tickets via e-mail their tickets are Requester set to
> username at email.com but at login they are username and as username cannot see
> their e-mailed tickets within the RT website. Is there a way to set it so
> logging in users can see their e-mailed tickets? A scrip or config? I just was
> moved to running our RT so I'm still fishing through the config's and setup.
> Thanks,
> Jorge

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