[rt-users] Username at RT login not matching Ticket sent via e-mail

John Arends jarends at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 28 16:09:15 EDT 2008

The fact that you have two accounts is the problem. An account can have 
a username and an email address so they can log in as 'bob' but have an 
email address of bob at organization.com

I'm not sure how you'd fix this problem other than consolidating down to 
one account per person. There isn't a way that I'm aware of to say 
"these 2 users are really the same person."

Jorge Aldana wrote:
> Well users login with username and the ticket is sent in via e-mail as
> username at email.com so yes there's two accounts.
> Does RT allow for users to login via username at email.com? Or is there a scrip to
> alter the tickets to set it to username instead of username at email.com as
> requester when tickets are created? Or force users to login as
> username at email.com?
> I'm still fishing through the doc's and learning RT so don't quite know where
> the tweaking can take place for this. Any guide or pointing to guides if anyone
> can.

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