[rt-users] reply via email from AdminCC does not go to Requestor

マーティン mchandler at ky.ttk.i-fielding.jp
Wed Jul 30 10:51:31 EDT 2008

Hi Sven,

Thank you very much for responding.

> > A new user can send a mail to RT and properly get automatically
> > registered, and the AdminCCs get the new ticket notify sent to them.
> > If an AdminCC (or owner) uses the UI to reply, the Requestor is properly
> > sent a mail.  However, if an AdminCC (or owner) sends a reply via email,
> > the other AdminCCs get notified, but not the Requestor.
> > In all cases the Requestor is different from the AdminCC (or owner)
> > sending the reply, and the Requestor is an unprivileged user.
> So If I understood it right, the person which send the reply to
> the ticket, don't get a reply. Independently if the sender is an
> admin or a unprivileged user.

Actually, the person sending the reply is an AdminCC, and the person expecting 
to get the reply but not getting it is the requestor.  These two actors are 
different people.

> > The UI works, so maybe its a rights problem?
> but you can't test it with the unprivileged user ;-)
> > Currently the Requestor group has the following rights on the queue:
> hmm maybe this is the problem, maybe you can checke if the
> problem still exist when you give the group 'everybody'
> the right to reply and create tickets.

Thanks for the advice.  I should have put this in my earlier mail,
The 'everybody' group already has the (global) right to create and reply to 

> > Also, NotifyActor is set to 1
> This was of course what I thought first is the problem you have
> "Set($NotifyActor, 1);" in the config file and restarted the
> webserver?

Yes, the webserver has been restarted after changing the configuration, to no 

> > I have searched the archives (and Google) and found there are people
> > with similar problems, but unfortunately without any solution that works
> > for me.
> hmm rt is rather complicated with a lot of places to misconfigure.
> As far as I can remember there was no issue with not
> sending replies if configured, otherwise a lot of users would
> complain.

Yeah, I would think it is one of the most basic functions of RT, and it is 
frustrating that it doesn't work...I figure I must just have it misconfigured 
somewhere, so I would much appreciate your continued help to work me through 
to the solution!


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