[rt-users] reply via email from AdminCC does not go to Requestor

マーティン mchandler at ky.ttk.i-fielding.jp
Wed Jul 30 11:09:12 EDT 2008

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response!

> >Scrip 5 should be taking care of sending reply mail back to the
> >requestor.  In the logs, I get the much discussed message:
> Sounds like the messages coming in from AdminCcs are comments rather
> than replies. This could be simply because AdminCcs are replying to
> messages generated by scrips 7 or 8, which is the correct behavior.
> Or it could be that the queue's reply & comment addresses are the
> same - they should be different. Or perhaps there's a mail config
> issue (intended replies being forwarded to mailgate as comments).

That's an interesting thought, but the addressess for comments and 
correspondence are different: q-a@ (--action correspond) and q-a-comment@ 
(--action comment), and looking at the maillog etc. it looks like everything 
is properly coming from and going to the correspondence address.
Also, the log doesn't indicate scrips 7 or 8 are being triggered (only 4,5 and 
6 - with scrip 4 being properly executed), so that would indicate RT is 
properly handling it as correspondence, but for some reason not picking up 
the requestor address needed to execute scrip 5.


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