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Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Thu May 1 11:41:43 EDT 2008

Hi Andrew,

It can get confusing.

Queue watchers don't appear on tickets because they are not associated with 
the ticket, just the queue.  If they were added to the ticket, then they 
would stay with it when it moves to another queue (where they may not be 
watchers).  Watchers that are assigned to tickets stay with the ticket 
regardless where it ends up.

When a transaction generates an e-mail to watchers, it should go to all 
queue watchers for the queue that it's in plus any watchers assigned to 
that ticket.  There are exceptions (generally the person who creates a 
transaction doesn't get notified of it, even if she's a watcher, because 
she should already know about it), but mostly that's how it works.

You can't tell who the queue watchers are by looking at a ticket.


At 05:40 AM 5/1/2008, andrew fay wrote:

>I am trying to add watchers to queues so that if an email comes in to a
>certain queue the watcher will be notified about it and copied in to each 
>response etc.. I have added a watcher to a queue and but the ticket
>has no watcher by default for some reason ?
>I have set the user to have watch and watchasadmincc rights
>also i have set the user to watch the queue as admincc and watcher and it 
>still doesn't add it to the tickets,
>any help would be great,
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