[rt-users] RT::Action::Notify & rt-crontool

Sharlon Carty scarty at gmail.com
Mon May 26 16:16:08 EDT 2008

hello RT users,

I am having some problems with rt-crontool all of a sudden.
I have the following job in crontab:
rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg "Status = 'open' AND
Owner != 'Nobody' AND LastUpdated < '7 days ago'" --action
RT::Action::Notify --action-arg Owner --template 'AutoReminders'

And the RT::Action::Notify will not send any e-mails to the owner. the logs
shows the following: No recipients found. Not sending. The owner does have
en email address and the query is good and does return results.
I tried with RT::Action::SendEmail and the same message.
RT::Action::RecordCorresponse for example works fine.

Why is SendEmail and Notify failing? anyone with an idea? Any other reminder
tools out there?

- - Sharlon (c).
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