[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth v0.06 Released - Includes 3.8.xCompatibility

Sean McCreadie smccreadie at CanyonPartners.com
Mon Nov 3 09:48:53 EST 2008


Thank you for looking at my problem.  I disabled the log stack traces as
you suggested and attached the new log file.  Now I can see that it is
indeed authenticating my test user "Joe User" with my AD. The attached
log file contains the results of first logging in successfully as root
and then as Joe User. When I try to login as the AD user in the web UI I
get the following error in the browser:

Can't call method "SetDisabled" on an undefined value at
/opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm line 1087,  line 514.

Thanks again for all the help.


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Sean McCreadie wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> Thank you and Kevin for working hard on this release, I am excited to
> hopefully get it working on my RT 3.8.1 server.  I have installed the
> v0.06 release but I am running into difficulty getting it going.  I
> drilled over the lists trying to get info regarding the errors I am
> seeing but so far I have been unable to get users to authenticate with
> AD.  I am running a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, pretty sure
> anonymous binding is disabled.  I have attached my SiteConfig file, as
> well as the logging in rt.log when I try to authenticate. I have tried
> many different ways of entering the 'user' value to no avail.  I have
> problem authenticating with the local root account. Im not sure how or
> where to look to see if the RT server is even attempting to
> users to AD, when I look through the rt.log file it doesn't appear to
> be.   Thanks in advance for any insight.

Can you turn off log stack traces and repost an rt.log? I'm having
difficulty reading through the one you sent quickly and don't have a lot
of time for reading v. slowly.

FWIW, your RT_SiteConfig.pm looks right on the money.

Kind Regards,


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