[rt-users] Do NOT use v0.06x of RT::Authen::ExternalAuth

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Fri Nov 7 07:35:59 EST 2008

I know it has been said in other posts, but I wanted to make a clear
statement to the mailing lists that at NO time should people use any of
the following versions of RT::Authen::ExternalAuth -


If you use them you risk corrupting the User information in your RT

Anyone who is already using one of those versions should *immediately*
upgrade to v0.07_01 which is already available on CPAN and has been
posted to the mailing list as an attachment last night:

Anyone using 0.05 with RT-3.6.x should remain on 0.05 for the time being
as it is perfectly compatible with RT-3.6.x - the more recent versions
are for RT-3.8.x compatibility and refactoring for future development

Anyone using a modified version of 0.05 with RT-3.8.x should wait for
the release of v0.07 at which point I'm confident we will have a proper
production version everyone can jump on.

Other than that, anyone who would like to help test 0.07_01 for any
remaining issues before it's released as 0.07 is more than welcome. The
more thoroughly it gets tested the better 0.07 is going to be.

For anyone concerned, I am personally running 0.07_01 in a production
environment and haven't had any issues yet.

Thanks all.
Kind Regards,


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