[rt-users] CALLING EXTERNALAUTH TESTERS - v0.07_01 nowavailable.

Robert Munsch Munsch at phillycarshare.org
Sat Nov 8 13:16:40 EST 2008

> Can you please post the surrounding log.
> The handler is quite chatty and contains information that might
> be useful.

Attached, thanks.

> Also, you haven't said if this error occurs when logging in as the
> root user, when autocreating a user or when authenticating an
> existing user or in all three cases.

All of the above.

> You might want to try, as the user your web server runs as,
> not root:
> perl  -I/opt/rt3/local/plugins/RT-Authen-ExternalAuth/lib -
MRT::Authen::ExternalAuth -e1

Did that.  No apparent output: just hangs until I ctrl-C.

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