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Jac Gubbels GUBBELS JacG at kocschool.k12.tr
Mon Nov 17 12:53:54 EST 2008


Taking the risk of this question be posed already: Has 3.8.1 a problem with sending HTML emails?

I found something like that in the mailing list archive, but did not know how to value it.

Just upgraded from 3.6.4 and all seems to work except the sending of HTML mails. Replying to a ticket from within the RT web interface gives me a message stored with the mark-up in RT, but the user gets a plain text email!? The mail header tells me 'Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8". Is there a quick fix? Something wrong with my mail server settings or just the mentioned issue with 3.8.1? Also, does this perhaps relate to the fact that the FCKeditor is collapsed by default?

Thanks for your help!

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