[rt-users] User Stats in a Queue??

Erik Peterson epeterson at edc.org
Fri Nov 21 10:31:56 EST 2008

That is certainly true.  I use the existing ³QuickSearch² element area and
provide a new definition for the Element that calls essentially exactly what
Torsten mentions below (we have one extra ³active² status called ³waiting²).
On my webpage, you there are two files and you do need both of them for this
to work.  

Mine doesn¹t seem to affect the page load time too much...  My ³Time to
display² is about 2.2 ­ 2.5 seconds and that¹s with a few extra saved
queries being shown and seven queues in my ³Quick Search².  Not sure what
your setup is like that might cause it to be slow.  I don¹t think I¹ve done
much that will change the speed like adding indicies or the such.


On 11/21/08 4:34 AM, "Ham MI-ID, Torsten Brumm"
<torsten.brumm at Kuehne-Nagel.com> wrote:

> Hi Erik, Matt,
> i found my problem with your OwnerSummary. I tried to load directly the
> OwnerSummary into the RT At A Glance Page, but i think, you called it from
> Quicksearch like this:
> <& /Elements/OwnerSummary,
>    cache => 'quick_search_queues',
>    queue_filter => sub { $_->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket') && !exists
> $unwanted->{$_->Name} },
>    conditions => [ {cond => "Status = 'new'",  name => loc ('new')  },
>                    {cond => "Status = 'open'", name => loc ('open') },
>                    {cond => "Status = 'stalled'", name => loc ('stalled') }]
> &>
> </&>
> And, yes it is working now, but very, very slow ;-) But it works.
> Torsten

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