[rt-users] Trying to get an attachment via command line interface rt show ticket/attachment ...

Tobias Heinz tobias at formelheinz.de
Fri Nov 28 06:38:18 EST 2008

Dear All,

I am trying to retrieve an attachment (application/pdf binary file) from
a ticket. I am using the rt command line interface.

When opening the attachment from the web the file (PDF) is fine.

rt show ticket/59134/attachments/365295/content

rt show ticket/59134/attachments/365295/content > /tmp/test.pdf

It gives me a file that is approx. 30% larger than the file itself. When
looking at the file, the clear-text part appears to be fine. The pdf
viewer tells me:
"File corrupt" or "graphics can not be rendered".

I have transferred the file via scp to a windows machine - same there.
Tried to use different pdf viewers on unix - all abended with errors.
Clicking the file using Download test.pf on the web rt in ticket 59134
frontend gives me a perfect error-free pdf ..

Does the cli use any kind of encoding? How can I decode/transform the file?

Thanks for any hint  -

God bless

Tobias Heinz

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