[rt-users] Disable Auto-Reply on Ticket Resolution for A specific Queue

Nick Kartsioukas change+lists.rt at nightwind.net
Fri Apr 17 11:50:09 EDT 2009

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009 14:23:20 +0200, "Traiano Welcome"
<traiano at gmail.com> said:
> I would like to disable autoreplies to the requestor in the case where a
> ticket is resolved in a specific queue. This is because the original
> requestor address is another helpdesk (NOC) that does not want responses.
> The scenario I'm working with is as follows:
> 1. Ticket is created in Queue #1
> 2. Ticket is moved to Queue #2 and resolved
> Tickets resolved in Queue #1 must still generate autoreplies upon
> resolution, but Tickets resolved in Queue #2 must not.

Modify the "On Resolve Notify Requestor" scrip, set a custom condition,
I think this will work:

return($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "Resolve" &&
$self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Name ne "Queue2");

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