[rt-users] Query for Service Downtime

Tom Lahti toml at bitstatement.net
Wed Apr 29 14:18:03 EDT 2009

>>> I was just wondering if I can generate a report for system downtime
>>> (i.e. the service names and its corresponding downtime) through
>>> query builder. Plan was to give the customer name as input and generate
>>> the graph as well as chart where the instance name, service name and the
>>> downtime is shown. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated. 

>> xymon (formerly hobbit monitor) makes great availability reports.  Not 
>> sure how this is a RT question... ?

> Thanks Tom, but can I integrate the same with my existing RT (3.8.2)
> environment and how can I do that? Where can I get the official
> documentation for the Xymon.
> Regards,
> Uday

RT doesn't monitor anything, so it doesn't really have the necessary data to
create availability reports.  Xymon's web site is
http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/  (it still says hobbit monitor all over
it, but they've changed the name due to legal issues).

As far as integration, it would be quite simple to have xymon fire an alert
to the email address for a queue, thereby automatically creating a ticket
during an alarm event, something I plan on doing here.  But the availability
report would still only be available through xymon, not through RT.  That is
not RT's purpose.

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