[rt-users] rt 3.8.4 customization (FreeBSD)

Steve Sizemore steve at ls.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 15 20:56:10 EDT 2009

I've migrated an older rt 3.6 installation from linux to
FreeBSD 7.2, and upgraded successfully to 3.8.4. There's
only one missing piece: our previous installation had
a customized ticket display.
was customized by

The FreeBSD port installs rt as /usr/local/share/rt38, and there
is no local directory. I'm not sure whether this is a difference
in 3.8 vs 3.6, or a nuance introduced by the new layout of 3.8 in
FreeBSD, but I can't figure out where to put the customized version
of Display.html.

I've tried /usr/local/share/rt38/local/html/Ticket/Display.html, 
as well as /usr/local/share/rt38/local/html/Ticket/Display_Local.html, 
and neither works.

Does anyone know how to customize 3.8.4 on a FreeBSD port?

Steve Sizemore <steve (at) ls.berkeley.edu>, (510) 642-8570
Unix System Manager
    Dept. of Mathematics and College of Letters and Science
    University of California, Berkeley
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