[rt-users] rt 3.8.4 customization (FreeBSD)

Agnislav Onufrijchuk Agnislav.Onufrijchuk at portaone.com
Thu Jul 16 02:19:06 EDT 2009

Steve Sizemore wrote:
> I've migrated an older rt 3.6 installation from linux to
> FreeBSD 7.2, and upgraded successfully to 3.8.4. There's
> only one missing piece: our previous installation had
> a customized ticket display.
>    .../rt-3.6.7/share/html/Ticket/Display.html
> was customized by
>    .../rt-3.6.7/local/html/Ticket/Display.html
  > I've tried /usr/local/share/rt38/local/html/Ticket/Display.html,
> as well as /usr/local/share/rt38/local/html/Ticket/Display_Local.html, 
> and neither works.
Because it works only for libs.

> Does anyone know how to customize 3.8.4 on a FreeBSD port?
Look into /usr/local/share/rt38/lib/RT.pm file, find $MasonLocalComponentRoot 
variable. It contains path for web modification. If its value is 'local/html', 
you can just create directory /usr/local/share/rt38/local/html manually, then 
create Ticket directory under it and put your modified Display.html inside.

If $MasonLocalComponentRoot contains another value, just do the same steps, as 
above, but instead of 'local/html' create directory set in the variable.

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