[rt-users] Auto-open Resolved Ticket

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Tue Jul 28 10:02:34 EDT 2009

Thank you for the advise Toby.

Though I really do not have an idea on how to fire "On Status Change"

I plan to use it on a cron job in Perl as suggested earlier. If there's a
way to run the "On Status Change" scrip on cron job, that will be good. If
not, I need to check other methods.

my $cmd = '/usr/bin/rt list  ';
my $qry = $cmd . qq/\"priority = '199' AND due <= 'today'\"/;
my @res = `$qry`;
for (@res) {
    my $tic_sub = `/bin/echo $_ | /bin/cut -f2 -d":"`;
    my $tic_num = `/bin/echo $_ | /bin/cut -f1 -d":"`;
    system ("/usr/bin/rt edit 'ticket/$tic_num' set status=open");
    # put here how to fire up on Status Change Scrip

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From: Toby Darling <darling at ccdc.cam.ac.uk>
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Hi Roehl
> Please confirm, if I understand your method correctly.
> 1. Instead of resolving the ticket, after getting my tasks done, put in
> on stalled and set 'Due date' to next month.
> 2. the cron job will re-open this ticket after a month.
More accurately, it will reopen those tickets with due dates on, or before,
> If the ticket is re-open, will it send out notification?
Not by default, I don't think, but you can create a scrip to fire On Status
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