[rt-users] Malformed sort order header links in Quick Search -> (queue-name)

Leif Terrens lterrens at connect.com.au
Thu Jul 30 02:46:19 EDT 2009

Howdy all,

I'm having a bit of trouble after upgrading from RT version 3.0.9 on
mysql4 to 3.8.4 on mysql5 running on Solaris 10.

I've managed to build and install all of the RT pre-requisites
correctly, built the RT package according to the options I desired.
Apache and mysql have been correctly upgraded and configured; I get to
login and poke around fine other than the problem I've encountered.

The problem occurs when I select a Queue from the Quick Search box on
the right hand side of the Home screen. The Queue displays correctly
visually-wise, tickets are displayed and I'm able to select the tickets
by clicking either the ticket ID number or the ticket subject name. The
problem is that the header links ( #, Subject, Status etc ) all have
click-able links that are malformed. An example of this is :

http://<my host here>/Search/Results.html?Format=    '<b><a


Status,    QueueName,     OwnerName,     Priority,     '__NEWLINE__',
'',     '<small>__Requestors__</small>',
= '<my queue here>' AND (Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' OR Status =

( Above URL is URL decoded from the URL thats sent in the page. )

As can be seen, the link is malformed and it seems that there's a number
of variables that have failed to be substituted. I'm just wondering if
I've come across something strange or if I've mucked up somewhere along
the way causing this to happen.

Note of interest: I've changed the WebBaseURL from the previous install,
and have cleared the Mason caches since. LDAP auth was used previously,
but i'm not yet up to the cutover so apache/mod_ldap hasn't been done
yet - I doubt that would have any impact here. Any configuration/output
that might be helpful to debug, I can provide. This RT instance has over
202 thousand tickets, so is fairly sizable, but again I doubt that's
causing the issue.

Hope that someone can shed some light -


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