[rt-users] An alternative to SeeQueue?

jan.grant at bristol.ac.uk jan.grant at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Sep 18 11:27:08 EDT 2009

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009, jan.grant at bristol.ac.uk wrote:

> I'm in a situation where I've a large number of users in various groups. 
> I'd like them to be operating with some transparency, which translates 
> into users, by default, being able to look to see what's going on in other 
> queues than the ones they operate in on a daily basis, should they need 
> to.
> However, "SeeQueue" looks to be a bit overloaded. Amongst other things, it 
> drives the default widget that displays newest unowned tickets.
> I'm wondering what the best approach would be to deal with this: either 
> providing a user-tweakable list of queues to filter to (like the "quick 
> search" widget does), or adding an additional right alongside "SeeQueue" 
> to limit which queues the "X newest unowned tickets" a particular user 
> gets.
> Recommendations..?

Just to clarify:

- I want all users, pretty much, to have "SeeQueue" just about everywhere
  (openness is good)
- I want the queues visible to a particular user under "X newest unowned 
  tickets" on the home page to be more restricted.
  (clutter is bad)

I am planning on trying to do this with the introduction of an additional 


which can be granted more sparingly, and modifying the widget 

I'm soliciting advice as to whether this is the obvious best way to do 
this or if there's a preferred approach.


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