[rt-users] RT 3.8.7 : text/plain attachements not sent

Robert Grasso robert.grasso+nv at cedrat.com
Thu Apr 1 05:47:26 EDT 2010


Thanks for trying. I apologize for not having been accurate enough. I will try to improve my accuracy, without writing a too long
post ;-)

I actually had already tweaked the option you mention : "$SuppressInlineTextFiles" without success.

Here is the story :

I put RT 3.8.7 in production some weeks ago. So far so good. In our templates (Correspondence etc), I had enabled long ago :

RT-Attach-Message: yes

so that our people could send attachments. And attachements were flowing away from RT 3.8.7. So far so good. 

Then some days ago, I have been reported that one of our customers did not receive one specific attachment ! Hell ! What kind of
quirk was this ?

I performed several tests with Firefox, from Win$, Ubuntu, MSIE from Win$ : all my attachments were sent to the recipient ? I was

So yesterday I decided I had to make more thorough tests, and find it out : because I was not confident in our general attachment
sending, until I would not have solved this mystery !

Posting from the PC of the user who reported the failure, even if I connected into my RT account, attaching the file which
originally failed to be sent by the user, it failed as well ! But it did not fail from MY PC !! Amazing !

So I went deeper into the MIME topic which I did not know well so far. Browsing the failed tickets, it looked like troubles were
happening about text/plain attachments. I spent time browsing the Gossamer threads. I discovered the hard job the browsers do at
guessing the MIME types of the files we use to download/upload.

I discovered in the registry (under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT on XP) the MIME 'table' used by MSIE (our users mainly use MSIE :-( ), and
then ran the killer test from MSIE : 

- I renamed a test text file with several extensions, which were each assigned the 'text/plain' MIME type in the registry (registry
tag : "Content Type") : .odh, .py, .txt, attached them, and posted them to a test recipient : and EACH TIME, the recipient DID NOT
receive the attached file ! Whereas the attached file appeared as a normal attachment in the RT Web UI.

So this is my diagnostic : with RT 3.8.7, when the MIME type assigned to the attachement by the browser (as an uploaded file) is
'text/plain', RT registers it correctly in the DB, but fails to actually send it.

Well, I have been at bit long, hopefully I have been clear enough ?


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> Robert,
> I'm not sure this is the answer ( I may not have understood 
> your problem correctly), but there is a Config option that 
> can be set to let the attachment appear inline in the email. 
> Hope this helps.
> Kenn
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 10:03 AM, Robert Grasso 
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> <mailto:robert.grasso%2Bnv at cedrat.com> > wrote:
> 	Hello,
> 	I have been reported by our users that 'some' 
> attachments were not actually attached. After having searched 
> this issue, it appears
> 	that if we attach files that the browser reports as 
> having the MIME type of text/plain, these files are not sent, 
> they even do not
> 	appear inline to the recipient. But they are registered 
> into the ticket normally.
> 	Do other RT 3.8.7 (or lower ?) users have the same 
> problem ? Does anybody has a solution ? I browsed the 
> mailing-list, find many
> 	discussions about text/plain files, but not my case 
> specifically.
> 	My users report that in 3.6.1 (our previous version, 
> installed on an older CentOS 4), they were able to send text 
> attachments.
> 	I installed RT 3.8.7 on a CentOS 5.4 OS; I installed 
> many Perl modules from Rpmforge, and as all could not be 
> installed that way, I
> 	finished with make fixdeps. Hopefully it is not an 
> issue with some Perl module version. As I don't see ANYTHING 
> in RT's log nor in
> 	httpd.log (log level already set to 'debug'), I can't 
> even guess what is happening and what to look for - I don't 
> have a clue.
> 	Best regards
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