[rt-users] TransactionBatch - AddCustomFieldValue

Raed El-Hames rfh at vialtus.com
Fri Apr 16 11:26:02 EDT 2010

Are you creating the ticket from the web interface and that custom field 
exist in the form;
Most likely the script is changing it to the value you want, then its 
changing again to the value given in the form while processing the form ??
Is that what is happening??
If its , I would suggest you change your scrip condition to Userdefined 
and look for Custom Field create or change
something similar to 


Sergio Charpinel Jr. wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to change a CustomField value in OnCreate event.
> I cant use TransactionCreate stage, because when I resolve the ticket 
> via Web Interface, it changes again my custom field value to what it was.
> So, I'm trying to use TransactionBatch stage, but the field is not 
> changed. And the script is get executed.
> What am I doing wrong?? 
> Thanks for any help.
> -- 
> Sergio Roberto Charpinel Jr.

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