[rt-users] display date format for all users as set in preferences

Paul O'Rorke paul at paulororke.net
Mon Apr 26 12:30:21 EDT 2010


I want all users to see the date format as I have set it (as root) in : 
Preferences --> Locale --> Date Format --> 2010-04-26 16:37:55

After reading posts and the wiki I thought all I had to do was set the 
preference as root for this be be globally set.  When logged in as root 
the date displays as expected on all tickets but when I log in as my 
support staff user the date is the default format: Sun Apr 25 09:35:13 2010

Is there an ACL I need to set?  I'm looking for something to set in the 
group rights for the group "support" I have but cannot for the life of 
me see what it might be.

Have I missed something obvious here?

RT 3.8.4
Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS
MySQL database

        Paul O'Rorke

        paul at paulororke.net <mailto:paul at paulororke.net>
        paulororke.net <http://paulororke.net>

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