[rt-users] Create child or dependency ticket in a different queue?

Carlos Garcia Montoro cgarcia at ific.uv.es
Tue Apr 27 02:23:09 EDT 2010

Have you tried to first create hte dependant ticket on the queue that 
you want and then link both tickets? You can do it by clicking on 
"Links" instead of on "Create". Editing Links allows you to create a 
link to an existing ticket (without creating a new ticket). Hence, you 
can choose an arbitrary ticket of any queue. I think this is the way you 
should proceed.

Hope it works,

Nick Kartsioukas wrote:
> When looking at the Basics display for a ticket, under Links one can
> click "create" next to each of the link types to create a new ticket
> that inherits the attributes of the currently-viewed ticket.  However,
> most of these attributes can be changed such as owner, status, etc.  The
> one that cannot be changed is what queue the new ticket will be created
> in...this appears to be fixed to whatever queue the current ticket is
> in.  Has anyone succeeded in modifying RT so the new ticket can be
> created in a different queue?
> I suspect there would be problems with custom fields varying between
> queues, but thought I'd ask anyway...
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