[rt-users] Script Codes

Sysadmin Sysadmin at ruralnetwork.net
Fri Aug 6 11:07:49 EDT 2010

    We are using currently using 3.8.7. Due to our workflow we combine 
the creation and assignment. sending the customer one email informing 
the customer of the ticket creation and who is working the issue.
However, by using the change owner as trigger,  We can no longer use the 
change owner script in the event of an escalation, or other change owner 
event, because that script is now attached to the creation-assignment 
template. By creating a "nobody" to "somebody" owner script and 
attaching that to the creation-assignment template. It would leave the 
owner change script free for a true owner change/escalation event  Hope 
that makes a little more sense.

System Admin

On 8/6/2010 3:47 AM, Raed El-Hames wrote:
> Hi David;
> What version of RT are you using, if its 3.8.8 then you should be able to change the user name format from
> lib/RT/Config.pm
> With regard to owner script, I am not quite sure what do you mean by " does not allow me to use owner change as it was intended"
> What does n't not do ??
> Roy
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>> Is there a cheatsheet of RT script codes? and/or fieldcodes
>> Specifically,  I'm looking to insert the "Real Name" of the user
>> assigned to a ticket. (currently inserts username)
>> also I'd like to generate the Email notification when the ticket is
>> first assigned from "nobody" to "somebody"
>> I'm currently using the owner change script. which sorta works, but
>> does
>> not allow me to use owner change as it was intended.
>> Thanks,
>> David
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