[rt-users] Multiple RT Entry points?

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Wed Jun 16 04:08:13 EDT 2010

Hey there,

I'd like to be able to do HTTP auth on RT for my staff (who would have 
single sign-on), while still 
allowing standard web-logins for my customers.

Is there an easy guide as to how to accomplish this?

I've already got one RT instance doing web-auth, which was fairly 
straightforward, but it seems I'd need two separate URL-spaces (or ports) 
to make this duality work right, and RT would need to be aware of both.

Does RT care what url it's being accessed by?

If it's relevant, I'm using fastCGI, rt 3.8.6, under FreeBSD, built from 



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