[rt-users] Restricting to one attachment per ticket

Thierry Thelliez thierry.thelliez.tech at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 12:00:08 EDT 2011

Thanks for your answers.

The use case is that end users are submitting forms as attachments.
This works fine until they want to submit updates to these forms. Some
are submitting a new ticket with the updated form, some are just
adding an attachment (updated form) to an old ticket. Since we are
associating the form status with the ticket status, it becomes
confusing to have multiple forms in one ticket.  For example the first
submitted form could have wrong data, when a second form could be

I was thinking of creating a scrip 'On Correspond' checking for
existing attachments.  Since the forms are expected to be Excel-like,
we could count only the .xls(s,m) and .csv.  We would then reject a
new correspondence if it comes with an attachment AND if we already
have one Excel-like file.

I am not an expert in Perl/RT.  Any piece of code to help me started
would be really appreciated.

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