[rt-users] Broken mime type text/html inline e-mail visualization

Luca Villani luca.villani at dada.net
Fri Aug 5 10:17:42 EDT 2011

In data venerdì 5 agosto 2011 15:08:19, Thomas Sibley ha scritto:

> > After upgrade from RT 3.6.6 to RT 4.0.1 all HTML e-mail are not
> > visualized inline in webinterface.
> You're going to have to be more specific as to what's not showing up.
> Screenshots would be useful, for example.

OK, inline visualization looks like Schermata1.png, and when we click on 
"Download" visualization looks like Schermata2.png.

In RT 3.6.6 the Schermata2.png we see Schermata2.png visualization inline in 

> > 	Set( $TrustHTMLAttachments, 1);
> This option doesn't affect display in the normal ticket history page,
> only when you the "download" link next to the transaction.  Setting
> TrustHTMLAttachments to 1 is a serious security risk, and we recommend
> leaving it disabled unless you _actually_ understand the full implications.

We understand full implications, but is the only way to see something useful.
And as far as this is an internal tracker (not the one used for CRM) we can 
enable it.

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