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Raphaël MOUNEYRES raphael.mouneyres at sagemcom.com
Wed Aug 10 04:57:37 EDT 2011


thanks for the hint, but it doesn't work as expected.
In fact, in the advanced page, the fileds used are :
each of them is, by default, creating by itself a List of clickable ticket 
IDs, and i'd like to add subject and formatting.

Also, in /share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap, i can see that the 
'ExtendedStatus' is doing some query for dependedon tickets, so i can try 
to do something similar, but i can't find the same things for 'Children' 
or 'DependsOn'

If someone can point me at the sourcecode trigered by the above fields, i 
could change it to suit my needs

thank you,


Gerard FENELON <gerard at eve-team.com> 
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09/08/2011 12:17

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Re: [rt-users] adding Ticket links in search result

Hi Raphael

keep to the list.
In particular because I don't have the answer to this further question.

I have never tried anything like what you are trying.
It is possible that for this you might have to use a ColumnMap

However concerning "display the Ticket subject next to his number"
I believe that '__id__  __Subject__ ' should work.


On 2011-08-09 11:28, Raphaël MOUNEYRES wrote: 

Hi Gerard, 

i've tried some but i'm not sure to be able to do conditional formatting 
such as : 
    % my $inactive = $member->QueueObj->IsInactiveStatus($member->Status); 

    <span class="<% $inactive ? 'ticket-inactive' : '' %>"> 
    <%$member->Id%>: (<%$member->OwnerObj->Name%>) <%$member->Subject%> 
[<% loc($member->Status) %>] 

for example, if i do 
'   <b><a 
'<span class="ticket-inactive">__Children__</span>' 
for sure all children tickets are displayed as ticket-inactive, but not 
depending on their actual status... 

Also i'd like to display the Ticket subject next to his number.... 
Well i'm doing more experiments now, but any other hints are welcome. 


Gerard FENELON <gerard at eve-team.com> 
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09/08/2011 11:08 

rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com 

Re: [rt-users] adding Ticket links in search result


you can do a lot of things in the advanced tab of the search interface
such as

'<b><a href="/Ticket/Modify.html?id=__id__">__id__</a></b>/TITLE:#',
'<span class="yoyodine-status-__StatusNoLoc__">__ExtendedStatus__</span>',
'<span class="yoyodine-priority-__CustomField.{Customer 
priority}__">__CustomField.{Customer priority}__</span>',

I would say, use this when you want to tweek the display.
Use ColumnMap when you have to calculate values


On 2011-08-09 10:48, Raphaël MOUNEYRES wrote: 

i'm trying to build a search wich would have a colum displaying the 
tickets links exactly the same way as is TicketDisplay page (with 3.8 
I found two things : 
- this code related to the above page is in 
- in ticket search engine, i can display children/DependsOn links, but the 
result will only show ticket ids without formatting. 

Should i create a new ColumnMap (as recently discussed) pasting some code 
from the ShowLinks File, or any simpler way to modify the existing colums 
Could someone help me choose the best way to go ? 

After a few month dealing with RT, i've been gaining some perl programming 
experience, thanks guys ! 


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