[rt-users] One "fill in text" custom field acting different

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Thu Aug 18 13:35:54 EDT 2011

RT 3.8.7 in production
RT 3.8.10 in development

This has been a long-standing oddity.  For a brand new
ticket, note the difference between the fill-in text
"AffectedEmployeeDetails" field below and the other
fill-in-text fields:

[-- Basics --]

blah blah
blah blah

[-- Custom Fields --]

AffectedEmployeeNumbers:    (no value)
Scope:    (no value)
Details:    (no value)

Can anyone explain that?  We do absolutely nothing with
any of those fields at ticket-creation time.  It's a
problem (minor) because the first time someone modifies
any field and saves, a bogus/confusing line appears as
a notice:

   * is no longer a value for AffectedEmployeeDetails

Then, and only then, does AffectedEmployeeDetails show
as having (no value) like the others.

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