[rt-users] Broken link to 'global scrip' - bug in 4.0.2?

Alexey Neyman stilor at att.net
Wed Aug 24 14:50:23 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I have just installed RT 4.0.2. If I go to the queue configuration screen, 
then select 'Scrips', there are two sections displayed: 'Scrips which apply to 
all queues' and 'Current scrips'. If I click a link in the first section, RT 
gives an error like: "Queue 8 not found" (where 8 was actually the scrip #, 
not queue #).

The reason is that /Admin/Queues/Scrips.html page uses 'id' attribute to 
select the queue. However, the links are generated by the 
/Admin/Elements/ListGlobalScrips element, which uses 'id' as scrip selector. 
That works on the /Admin/Global/Scrips.html page, but not on the 

Is it a bug or am I missing something?


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