[rt-users] Incoming messages all plain text

DeVore, John jdevore at pnwu.org
Thu Aug 25 20:13:39 EDT 2011

Thanks for the help Thomas.  I have determined that the problem is related to messages coming through our Exchange server.  I setup a test mailbox on another mail server and the messages come through properly with "Content-Type: multipart/alternative" and the HTML is intact.

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On 08/25/2011 03:06 PM, DeVore, John wrote:
> I ran the query you listed and it returns with 'Empty set'.

No results means that the message in question had no MIME parts, but was made up of just a single MIME entity.

> There is a record in the Attachments table with a MessageId of 
> CAP5SNsEgyCSDQk6no6NpdiGy_v+=ktq1Uf8M64tcLoOpd5AENw at mail.gmail.com
> which I see when I run:
> select * from Attachments where 
> MessageId='CAP5SNsEgyCSDQk6no6NpdiGy_v+=ktq1Uf8M64tcLoOpd5AENw at mail.gm
> ail.com'\G
> (see attached results)

The results of this query show me what I need to know.  Note that the content type is text/plain, not multipart/alternative as expected with both a text/plain and text/html part included (both in the parsed ContentType column and the raw Headers column).  This means that when RT received the message, it had no HTML part.  I suspect something else is munging your message before it gets into RT.

Do you have spam/virus filtering setup?  What's your fetchmailrc look like?  You can try having fetchmail pipe the messages it fetches to a different command instead of rt-mailgate to capture what it downloads.

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