[rt-users] REST user

Ram Moskovitz ram0502 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 13:37:25 EDT 2011

Hi all,
I'm using the REST interface as a gateway between my web-app and RT.
It's pretty close to done - the one thing I'm having a problem with is
assuming the requestor's identity when adding correspondence. By way
of example:

1 User logs in to web-app and fills out a support request form
2 web-app uses REST account to create ticket OBO of user (set's the
requestor to be the actual customer's email addres) all the normal RT
mails go out to the requestor
3 Any time the user comes to check on the status of their ticket(s)
the web-app uses the REST account to query RT and provide a subset of
the ticket info back
4 User may then 'add-correspondence' to the ticket via the web-app in
which ase the app uses the REST account to add the correspondence to
the ticket.

The problem is that the correspondence shows that it was added by the
REST user - is there a reasonable way around this?


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