[rt-users] RT4 woes with Scrips and email

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Mon Nov 14 10:39:22 EST 2011

This bug is resolved in 4.0.4

If you're using 4.0.2 or lower, you'll need to do as Bart says and
go to Configuration -> Global -> Scrips.


On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:22:27PM +0100, Bart wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I'm able to reproduce your error, which might be a but.
>     1. Go to a queue via de config menu, click scrips so that you have the page with all scrips
>        that apply to that queue.
>     2. Click on a scrip that applies to all queue's (the first list of scrips), these are the
>        global scrips.
>     3. You'll get an error.
>    But, if you have a queue specific scrip (the second list at the bottom of the page) then
>    you'll see the scrip since that scrip applies to that queue.
>    Also, if you go to Global -> Scrips and click one of the global scrips you'll be shown the
>    actual scrip.
>    The difference in the URL's is basically the word Queue should be Global, then it's just fine.
>    Link to a global scrip from the queue scrips view:
>    <weburl>/Admin/Queues/Scrip.html?id=9&Queue=0
>    Link to a global scrip from the global scrips page:
>    <weburl>/Admin/Global/Scrip.html?id=9&Queue=0
>    Can you confirm that this is the error your noticing?
>    -- Bart
>    2011/11/11 Izz Abdullah <[1]Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com>
>      So I flipped over the database from RT3.8 to RT4.0.2 today, and RT is not attempting to send
>      out emails on our system. Fetchmail is working, pulling in emails, and Sendmail has been
>      checked from the command line to work fine. Now, I mind you this is a database transferred
>      from another server and upgraded. We see the following issue when going to Queues -> General
>      -> Scrips and click on any scrip:
>      *Queue X not found* where X is the id number in:
>      [weburl]/Admin/Queues/Scrip.html?id=X&Queue=0
>      Now, no matter which queue we go to, it puts the queue number as 0, and the id number as the
>      scrip number, yet it is failing, telling us the id number Queue is not found. I wish I could
>      give a printscreen to explain this better, but basically I am sure something has gone awry
>      with the scrips.
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