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mjames at guesswho.com mjames at guesswho.com
Wed Nov 16 15:49:45 EST 2011

Using fetchmail for 1st time to collect mail from an Exchange server.
Exchange 2010
RT 4.0.1
Centos 5.7
fetchmail release 6.3.21+HESIOD+NLS.

Here's my /opt/rt4/etc/fetchmailrc:

poll mail.domain.com  proto pop3:
user trackrequests there with password 'cleverly removed' is kiss here  mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://xtracker.domain.com. --queue General --action correspond"

When I invoke fetchmail -f /opt/rt4/etc/fetchmailrc, it appends "@mail.domain.com" to the username, whereas the correct user is trackrequests at domain.com<mailto:trackrequests at domain.com>.

If I specify user trackrequests at domain.com<mailto:trackrequests at domain.com> in the fetchmailrc file, then fetchmail turns it into trackrequests at domain.com@mail.domain.com<mailto:trackrequests at domain.com@mail.domain.com>. For example:

[root at xtracker ~]# fetchmail -f /opt/rt4/etc/fetchmailrc
fetchmail: WARNING: Running as root is discouraged.
fetchmail: Authorization failure on trackrequests at domain.com@mail.domain.com
fetchmail: Query status=3 (AUTHFAIL)

I've googled for an answer, but haven't stumbled across it yet. Thanks for any help,
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