[rt-users] RT 4.0 - Exclude "deactivated" users from ajax email completion?

Hersker, Steve SHersker at TNGUS.com
Fri Nov 18 11:24:47 EST 2011

When a user leaves, we "deactivate" their RT account by removing "...be
granted rights" as well as putting TERMINATED and the date in the
Comments field.


In RT 3.8, we used RTx::EmailCompletion and by removing "....user access
RT" (or "...be granted rights" - to be honest, I don't remember which)
it would prevent that user from showing up in the java script for email
completion but would still show their name as a Requestor on the Ticket


In RT 4.0, if we remove "...user can access RT", they no longer show up
in the email completion however they also don't show up as the Requestor
of any of their tickets. (Not good for historical reasons)


Is there a way to keep them from showing in email completion but still
allow them to show as Requestors? Via RT_SiteConfig you can compare
against whatever fields you'd like but I'm looking for a way to exclude
users based on something not entered in the email field. (eg if Commets
STARTSWITH "Terminated").


I'm thinking it's a permissions issue in how we have RT configured. I
gave Unprivileged users the "Sign up as a ticket Requestor" and they
show as ticket Requestors but still also show up in the email


If anyone has any hints, suggestions, solutions, workarounds, etc, I'd
appreciate it!





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