[rt-users] International usage of a single RT instance

Soula, Christophe csoula at hach-lange.com
Tue Nov 22 08:32:56 EST 2011

Mod_perl is used in our case but reading docs/web_deployment.pod do not
give me any direction or I forget to read the right line...
I have try to configure one specific account with a different timezone
but I did not seen any effect on the date shown.
So perhaps I'm wrong but I do not know what this per user timezone
setting stand for.

Is there any advise how to resolve this situation on a single instance
or is it only possible to setup two different RT instance that will then
need to be synchronized ?

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On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 08:43:54AM +0100, Soula, Christophe wrote:
>    I try to implement for my international company request tracker
version 4 as a single instance
>    to support our IT helpdesk activities.
>    I have two main helpdesk team : one in France and one in US
>    Customer able to send request are coming from everywhere in the 
> world
>    I have a different queue for US based support and one for the
European based support.
>    Everything is working fine with the exceptio of the different date
shown in the interface.
>    I try to figure out how to configure or customize RT 4 to be able
to have a central instance
>    located in Europe which should be used from all over the world.
>    I have search for a solution without success...
>    My attempts have all failed and searching both the wiki and the
mailing list archives hasn't
>    improved my understanding enough to make it work or to understand
if it could works or not.
>    So far, I've tried to set on one user a different time zone but
without effect on the date
>    shown in the SelfService interface for example.
>    I'm using RT [4.02] on Debain OS. Web server apache. Database mysql

mod_perl or fastcgi?

If mod_perl, please review the documentation in docs/web_deployment.pod
about certain Apache worker models and time zones.


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