[rt-users] RES: Select Especif Comments from an Ticket to an Article RT 4.0.2

Luciano Ernesto da Silva luciano at cpd.ufrgs.br
Mon Nov 28 09:38:55 EST 2011

Thank You for you help!





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You'll have to create at least one CF specifically for Articles (text
area type) and apply it to the articles. After that you should be able
to select that CF when creating an article.


We use two CF's, one for the question and another for the answer. (very

-- Bart

Op 28 november 2011 13:28 schreef Luciano Ernesto da Silva
<luciano at cpd.ufrgs.br> het volgende:



When I try extract an article, I have this message on ticket:


"Use the dropdown menus to select which ticket updates you want to
extract into a new article. You can insert ticket content into any
freeform, text or wiki field."


But the dropdown "Field" is empty. Should have an "yes" and "no" for
specific comments that I want extract to an article?  




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