[rt-users] Not precisely sure how to do this ... guidance and clues requested

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Oct 4 15:56:28 EDT 2011

Hi folks

   We are using RT (3.8.7 right now) for ticketing.  Mostly for email 
for our customers.  We'd like to give them web access, but we want to 
make sure that users can only see either "public" tickets or their own 

   Not sure how to do this.  We've RTFMed a number of times, played with 
adding groups, and other things.  In the end, we keep running into web 
users seem to be granted all rights to see everything regardless of how 
they are created.

   Has anyone done anything like what I am indicating?  Is there a howto 
somewhere on this?  Or is RT philosophically against the concept (and 
therefore I shouldn't ask the question, sort of like the deleting users 

   Thanks in advance.


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