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Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Oct 20 08:40:01 EDT 2011


I've found these options in the RT_Config which give you some control over
what happens in the "More about requestor" box:

=item C<$ShowMoreAboutPrivilegedUsers>

This determines if the 'More about requestor' box on
Ticket/Display.html is shown for Privileged Users.


Set($ShowMoreAboutPrivilegedUsers, 0);

=item C<$MoreAboutRequestorTicketList>

This can be set to Active, Inactive, All or None.  It controls what
ticket list will be displayed in the 'More about requestor' box on
Ticket/Display.html.  This option can be controlled by users also.


Set($MoreAboutRequestorTicketList, "Active");

=item C<$MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo>

By default, the 'More about requestor' box on Ticket/Display.html
shows the Requestor's name and ticket list.  If you would like to see
extra information about the user, this expects a Format string of user
attributes.  Please note that not all the attributes are supported in
this display because we're not building a table.


Set($MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo, "");

=item C<$MoreAboutRequestorGroupsLimit>

By default, the 'More about requestor' box on Ticket/Display.html
shows all the groups of the Requestor.  Use this to limit the number
of groups; a value of undef removes the group display entirely.


Set($MoreAboutRequestorGroupsLimit, 0);

With that I've set these values in my RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($MoreAboutRequestorTicketList, "Active");
Set($MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo, "");
Set($MoreAboutRequestorGroupsLimit, undef);
Set($ShowMoreAboutPrivilegedUsers, 1);

The only option here that I can't really get working is the
"MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo" item.

I'd like to use that one to display a requestors phone number (if possible
all 4 phone numbers), is this possible? And if so, what do I enter as a

I've tried Phone, PhoneHome, Phone Numbers, etc. but they don't seem to work
(so I've left it blank again).

Has anyone tried this before? I can't seem to find any documentation or

-- Bart
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