[rt-users] Misleading message sent by RT::Extension::CommandByMail

Aline Guedes aline.guedes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 16:18:55 EDT 2011


I am using the plugin CommandByMail on RT 4.0.2 and I when I try to open a
ticket with status "Stalled", I get an email with the following error

"Couldn't create ticket from message with commands, fallback to standard

Error: New tickets can not have status 'stalled' in this queue."

The error message is misleading - the ticket is created, but with status
"New" instead of "Stalled". I am not sure if this is a problem on the plugin
though - the plugin expects that a new ticket id is returned by the sub
"Create" at lib/RT/Ticket.pm when ticket creation was successful. The sub
doesn't return the ticket id on this case though. Is this considered to be a

Best regards,
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